Tying together experience and innovation to help you succeed in the Bitcoin mining market.

Rumors about how to start making money on Bitcoin mining are quite common today, and we evidence the increasing number of new methods and technologies to improve mining results. A novice user may feel unconfident about the best way to start, the software to choose and the pitfalls to expect. We are keen to lend a hand of help to such users by sharing MiningBeast - our in-house Bitcoin miner.

We've put all our experience, market best practices and our patented solutions into our app. With our miner software, you can start generating profit in few minutes by downloading and installing the necessary environment and start getting paid for Bitcoin gathering. We offer FREE and Premium versions. The latter allows you to be even more effective and generate more profit, but it's up to you to decide what fits you best.

Rather than promising millions, we guarantee that you can easily start with extra $150 - $200 a month. It sounds good to us, and we want to share our outstanding product with you!

Download the Bitcoin miner v.1.1.15 for your OS:

After installing the app, visit our Wiki page to learn how to configure the app.

MiningBeast Features

bitcoin software performance


The best possible bitcoin gathering performance is built into the MiningBeast client as it is written with aggressive optimization in mind and shows 3-4 times more MH/s (mega hashes/sec) than other cliens.

bitcoin multi-devices mining

Multi-device Support

The easy-to-use wizard helps you install and start the bitcoin miner on your Android and iOS enabled devices to make mining even more profitable.

Bitcoin cloud mining

Cloud Mining

Use our out of the box connectors to free accounts on Amazon, Azure, Herocu and other clouds to automatically start free virtual machines aiding to boost your in bitcoin revenue.

Bitcoin GPU mining

Flexibility and Intelligence

The mining client effectively utilizes CPU and GPU and with our patented technologies it recognizes your hardware configuration and starts our best bitcoin software with especially tuned settings.

Bitcoin currency converter

Multi-currency Mining

If enabled by configuration, the client automatically chooses which currency is the best to mine on your particular environment: Bitcoin, LiteCoin, or IXCoin.

Bitcoin statistics monitor

Calculators and Statistics

The built-in Bitcoin calculator allows you to see your best results in USD or other configurable currencies using connectors to Bitcoin exchanges. On top of that, all the necessary statistics will start to appear in easy-to-read way using charts and graphs.

Bitcoin mining pools

Mining Pools Integration

The lightweight user interface inspects the currently best miming pools and allows you to choose a mining pool of you like best or suggests you the best pool in terms of results.

Bitcoin virtual machines

... and other features

Install our mining client and start exploring all the exciting features we've developed to make your mining easy and profitable.


Feature Name Free Version Premium Version ($19.99/month)
Performance bitcoin software performance bitcoin software performance
Multi-device Support bitcoin multi-devices mining bitcoin multi-devices mining
Flexibility and Intelligence bitcoin GPU mining bitcoin GPU mining
Calculators and Statistics Bitcoin statistics monitor Bitcoin statistics monitor
Cloud Mining Bitcoin cloud mining
Multi-currency Mining Bitcoin multi-currency mining
Mining Pools Integration bitcoin mining Pools

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We are excited to constantly improve MiningBeast and strive towards creating the best free mining software one can imagine, so we are open to your feedback and suggestions and appreciate the time you spend on sending us a line or two of text: an overall impression, an improvement point, or simply kind words. This is very important to us, and we are very grateful for this!